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Exercising in lockdown? Don’t get injured.

I want to start exercising, can a physio help me with this?

By Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapist

Bronte Marquardt


So you’ve decided you want to start exercising? Maybe you’ve decided to start running, or  going to the gym regularly, or joining a friend at their favourite exercise class, or doing daily home workouts? Whatever it is that you’ve decided on, you feel ready and excited to get started!


While you might feel ready to go, it’s very important to consult a professional before starting, in order to reduce your risk of injury and enable you to get the most out of your new regime. It is very common for physios to see patients who have decided to get started on a new exercise regime and have gone too hard too early, resulting in pain or injury!


Physiotherapists are fully trained and highly skilled in movement and biomechanical assessment, and exercise therapy, and are the perfect person to see when you’re ready to get started


If you see a physiotherapist before starting a new exercise regime, they will assess your movement quality and ability, any strengths and weaknesses, and take into account any pre-existing injuries or concerns, and then give you advice and a tailored exercise plan. Your physio will also guide you on a safe introduction to exercise, advising you on how often and how much exercise to do in the beginning, so you can begin gradually and safely – this is very important to reduce pain and injury risk!


Remember that prevention is always better than a cure, so if you’re debating getting into, or getting back into any form of exercise, always talk to your physio first to set yourself up for success!


CLICK the link below to book appointment with one of experienced physiotherapists if you want to start exercising during lockdown.


Did you know our physio’s can provide a referral for an immediate XRay or MRI.  No GP referral required.

For all your sports physio needs, Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy can help.

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