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Foot Pain: Plantar Fasciopathy

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Foot Pain: Plantar Fasciopathy

By Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapist
Michelle Lowry


There are many structures in and around the foot which, in certain situations, can contribute to foot discomfort.  One common presentation of foot discomfort, is called Plantar Fasciopathy (formally Plantar Fasciitis).


What is the Plantar Fascia?

It is a strong band of soft tissue that stretches from the bottom of your heel bone, to the ball of your foot.  It acts to support the long arch in your foot.


What causes Plantar Fasciopathy?

It is considered an overuse injury, which in turn can be caused by several potential drivers.


Have you been asking your plantar fascia to do more work?

For example, as an active person, have you increased your training load, changed your running speed, increased your weights, changed your footwear, been remiss on your calf stretches?

For example, as a less active person, have you increased the time you speed on your feet, changed your footwear, stopped wearing your innersoles, or started a physical training program?

For example, have you recently hurt your knee or hip?  Changing the biomechanics of the knee and hip can affect the load you place on your plantar fascia.


Where will I feel the discomfort?

Most commonly, the pain is localised to the bottom of your foot, either on the heel bone or the middle of your foot, near the arch.

Nearly always, you will feel the pain first thing in the morning, but it will ease with movement and a hot shower. It may worsen as the day progresses.


What can my Physiotherapist do to help?

  • Tape your foot for initial discomfort relief
  • Help release tight structures that may be increasing the stress placed on the plantar fascia
  • Provide advice on training load, activity modification and footwear choice
  • Help stretch and strengthen the foot muscles, to offload the plantar fascia
  • Correct lower limb biomechanics, to offload the plantar fascia


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