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Returning to sport safely after lockdown

Returning to sport safely after lockdown?

By Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapist

Alistair Morton


We are so excited down here at Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy about the return of organised sport! Although this is great news for everyone who is involved with it, we have seen a sharp spike in the number of injuries in the clinic during this period.


Over the course of the most recent lockdown, many athletes were not exposed to their usual sporting loads and strength work in the gym. This can result in an athlete to become deconditioned which significantly increases the risk of injuries such as tendinopathies and muscle strains when returning to sport. These types of injuries can put players out for extended periods of time and at Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy, we hate seeing athletes having to sit out of the things that they love doing.


To minimise the risk of injuries during this return to sport phase, we run injury prevention screenings which involve strength, mobility, and power testing of different areas of the body. A report is then produced from your results, and we can identify areas that may predispose you to certain injuries. This then allows us to provide you with tailored strategies to work on your weaknesses, minimise the risk of future injuries and keep you on the park!


CLICK the link below to book appointment with one of experienced physiotherapists if you feel like you need some help with your return to sport or call us on (03) 9772 0672 and we can arrange a time to complete a full injury prevention screening. A follow up session will then be conducted to run through your exercise program and give you advice based off your results.


Good luck with your return to sport, team!


Did you know our physio’s can provide a referral for an immediate XRay or MRI.  No GP referral required.

For all your sports physio needs, Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy can help.

Please contact our lovely administration staff on 9772 0672 OR Book Online.

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