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Functional Strength and Conditioning

Making everyday tasks easier

Functional Strengthening & Conditioning is very popular in the fitness industry because it helps to build strength and stability, as well as accelerate your recovery from an injury.

What is Functional Strengthening & Conditioning?

The exercises involved in this type of program replicate normal day to day movements, building strength in specific muscles that are used in everyday life. Originally, it was used to strengthen the muscles of weight lifters, but since it also sculpts your muscles, it’s often used for its aesthetic outcomes.

However, since it affects your muscles and trains them to work together to complete a task, it can be used to maintain or improve your quality of life. Generally, Functional Strengthening & Conditioning uses a combination of aerobic training, gymnastic moves and free weights to build muscles that are perfectly suited to the requirements of your daily life. It makes it easier to perform your daily activities, whether that’s walking the dog, carrying your groceries or participating in sporting activities.

Who can benefit from Functional Strengthening & Conditioning?

Functional Strengthening & Conditioning is ideal for people recovering from injuries or surgery, as well as for the elderly who suffer with their balance, agility, muscle strength or mobility.

What does Functional Strengthening & Conditioning involve?

Your program is built on six basic movement patterns: squat, push, pull, lunge, bend and core. These movements form the basis of your training, starting with learning how to perform each movement. As you progress through your training your body will learn to adapt and recover more quickly, increasing your endurance and muscle control.


What are the benefits of Functional Strengthening & Conditioning?

This program helps you optimise the performance of daily movements. This can help make your everyday activities easier, reduce injuries and improve your quality of life. Other benefits include improvements in body strength, balance, bone density, core strength and more confidence in your body.

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