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General Physiotherapy

Customised treatments for your recovery

At Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy, we treat wide a range of issues, from headaches and vertigo to sprains, fractures, stiffness and loss of mobility. With more than 20 years in the industry we have the expertise to quickly diagnose your problem and develop a customised treatment plan that gets you back to normal, as quickly as possible.

Some of the conditions we treat include:

Neck, back, shoulder, elbow and knee pains and injuries

Sprains and torn tendons or ligaments

Repetitive Injuries

Nerve injuries

Arthritic conditions




Joint pains

Headaches and migraines

Fractures and shin splints

Loss of muscle strength

Vertigo and dizziness

Falls prevention

Torn muscles

Chronic pain


We also help people suffering from strokes, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis improve their gait and mobility, as well as preventing falls in the elderly.


How can we help?

At Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy, we use our expertise to diagnose your problem, identifying its cause and developing a customised treatment plan that suits your needs. If necessary, we consult with your GP, surgeon or other healthcare providers so that we can work together as a team to maximise your health and wellbeing.

We have a wide range of treatments available to help in your recovery, including soft tissue techniques, massage and lymphatic drainage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, strapping, taping, heat therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and goal-oriented stretches and exercises. Our aim is to reduce your pain, increase mobilisation, treat soft tissue damage and correct skeletal misalignments.

We also provide one-on-one Functional Strength and Conditioning programs to help you recover from your injuries, as well as Clinical Pilates classes to help build stability in your muscles and support your spine.

No matter your injury or condition, our highly qualified team of experienced and skilled physiotherapists provide a range of advice, treatments and exercises to help optimise your everyday life.

Call us on 03 9772 0672 and ask us how we can help you recover from your injury, reduce your pain or improve your mobility.

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