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Clinical Pilates

Optimising health and fitness

At Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy, we offer Clinical Pilates classes five days a week to help build stability in your muscles to aid the correct functioning of your spine. This helps to prevent injuries and gives you the ability to perform your everyday tasks and sporting activities with less pain and greater movement.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a targeted set of exercises that are used to aid rehabilitation following an injury or orthopaedic surgery. It’s also used by athletes and dancers to enhance their fitness and optimise their performance.

Essentially, Clinical Pilates focuses on your core stability, posture, flexibility, control, strength, balance and breathing. It’s used to treat a variety of conditions and is particularly effective for sufferers of neck and lower back pain as it strengthens the spine. It actually retrains the deep stabilising muscles along your spine, improving your core stability and improving your posture, strength and flexibility.

Pilates Timetable
Pilates Timetable a

Who can benefit from Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is beneficial to a wide range of people, including children and the elderly, as well as pregnant women. You don’t need to be suffering from an injury to attend our classes, as many people come along just to improve their general fitness.

Anyone who suffers from back or neck pain can benefit from Clinical Pilates. As can people suffering from pelvic or hip pain, athletes who want to improve their technique (golfers, tennis players, dancers and so on), not forgetting people who are recovery from orthopaedic surgery. It’s often used in conjunction with physiotherapy to aid your recover from an injury or improve everyday living.


What does Clinical Pilates involve?

Our Clinical Pilates classes involve an individual assessment, followed by a selection of key exercises aimed at improving your health and wellbeing. All our exercises are either floor-based or involve using resistance equipment in our gym. We have regular Clinical Pilates classes conducted by our physiotherapists who customise the exercises to take into account your injury or current state of health.

Call us on 03 9772 0672 to discover how Clinical Pilates can improve your health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

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