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There is nothing more frustrating than getting injured when you start a new fitness regime.  Now that the days are starting to get longer and with summer just around the corner we start to see patients presenting with overuse injuries due to inappropriate training behaviors. Here are a few tips to avoid injury and help you achieve your summer fitness goals.


  1. Patience (Rome wasn’t built in a day)
    • Our bodies are very versatile and adaptable but need time to adjust to new loads, be patient.


  1. Build up a Good Base Fitness
    • When getting back into training start off slow and spend a few weeks trying to build up a good base of fitness.


  1. Avoid increasing your weekly load by more than 10-20% per week
    • Increasing training loads (running, walking, cycling, gym) too quickly can make you more susceptible to injury.


  1. Plan
    • Sitting down and planning your weekly activities in advance is a great way to prevent injury but also helps you stay motivated.


  1. Set Goals
    • Having an end goal in mind can help you to see the big picture, keep you motivated and allow you to plan your activity and recovery.


  1. Ensure to dedicate time to recovery
    • Spending as little as 5 min a day addressing muscle tightness, flexibility and mobility can help minimize the risk of sustaining an injury.


If you would like to find out more stay posted to the website as we will be doing a seminars in the coming weeks in conjunction with F45 Chelsea.


Did you know our physio’s can provide a referral for an immediate XRay or MRI.  No GP referral required.

For all your sports physio needs, Chelsea Longbeach Physiotherapy can help.

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