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Stay in Shape while injured or waiting for surgery!


As many of you know I have been battling a hip injury for most of the year and have recently had some surgery to fix the problem. If you have been a patient of CLBP or you follow CLBP on Facebook (which if you don’t you should!) you will know we are a pretty active bunch! I know I certainly am and that is why being injured for me was really difficult. I LOVE exercise! It is a big part of who I am and getting me to stop is near impossible.

Most of this year I ignored my injury which continued to increase my pain until my Surgeon told me I had to stop. Stop, you say.. NEVER. However sometimes this is the best way to fix the problem and when your physio or doctor tells you to stop they are doing so for your benefit not theirs. This doesn’t ever mean you have to stop completely you simply need to ask for clarification.

Ask questions like…

What movements exactly do I need to stop?

Is there anything I can do instead?

There WILL be answers to these questions and guess what it is part of our jobs as physios not only to help fix the problem but help maintain your current level of strength and fitness too. It’s part of the reason Benn and Kindra decided to put the gym in!

So as an example what did I do?

Before “Stopping” I was doing CrossFit 3-4 times per week and running 1-2 times per week. So you can see why stopping was going to cut a significant part of my life out. My restrictions were pretty simple, no hip moving exercises. Well…. That cut out a lot. Or so I thought.

After “Stopping” I chatted with my colleagues both at CLBP and Melbourne Victory and modified my exercise regime to something manageable for me. I was still able to do 3-4 CrossFit style gym sessions (all upper body with some static lower body exercises) and instead of running twice a week I started swimming and when my hip was feeling up to it I went on the occasional walk in the sun. I actually think I became more fit and strong after I stopped because it allowed me to focus on areas of weakness. But most of all it allowed me to keep doing something that I love in a safe way.

The biggest thing I have noticed now that I have had my operation is that recovering is MUCH easier because I am fit and strong. Getting up and around on my crutches is easier and my strength in my leg is coming back quicker. I couldn’t be thankful enough for the strength and fitness I managed to maintain because I couldn’t imagine recovering without it.

So.. Now you’re sitting there saying well you’re a physio that’s easy for you. I am saying we at CLBP are physios and it’s easy for us to advise you, you just have to ask.

Next time you are injured or getting ready to have some surgery talk to your physio about ways to stay strong and fit, have a session with one of us in the gym and let us work with you to figure how to keep working towards your goals whilst safely managing your injury.


Did you know our physio’s can provide a referral for an immediate XRay or MRI.  No GP referral required.

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